Google Will Advent a New Virtual Reality Headset Tomorrow

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According to the sources, Google plans to debut its new Virtual reality headset during an event in San Francisco on Tuesday. The device is said to be a major challenger to the Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR headset as it will start at a price of $79 which is clearly very less from Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. It will exhibit virtual reality content by toping into the Android smart phones. It just requires a small hand controller that bears a resemblance to a wand.

Google is moving step by step. The first major step it took is the unveiling of Daydream in May, which is a new virtual reality platform which happens to be the part of the latest version of Android.  During that time it also disclosed its early plans for their new VR headset. At that time too, it didn’t talked much about the price, just an early design drawing was unveiled.  Google also announced that they will introduce new Android smart phones on Tuesday. The smart phones will be able to work with the Daydream headset. In the same way, HTC is also expected to make their smart phones under the brand name called ‘Pixel’.

Daydream’s headset and controller is expected to be rivalled with the lower cost options. Samsung Gear VR is currently listed at $99 and right now Amazon is selling it at $69.99. Facebook’s Oculus Rift costs around $599 while HTC’s Vive Virtual Reality system costs $799. If you talk about the specifications then, the viewer is made up of fabric and fits comfortably around a user’s cranium. Google marked the beginning of Virtual Reality with their Google Cardboard. Let us see what major revolutionary it brings!




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