Google’s Awesome Take on April Fool’s Day with Virtual Reality

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Google is known for taking all the special days and events into account quite seriously to connect with it’s over millions of user base count. And so on April fool’s Day Google has launched its very new and brilliant piece of gadget in Virtual Reality. This coming right before the release of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive couldn’t have been more perfectly timed by Google.

Coming on to Google’s new headset, it is the most highly efficient technology delivering the highest degree of immersion in actual reality. Following Google’s cardboard it is called something close to it, Google Cardboard Plastic.

Google cardboard plastic is world’s most sound actual reality headset designed with 360 degree surround sound, 20/20 resolution, 4D integrated perspective and extremely advanced haptics technology for the most realistic touch sensations. As defined by the makers, plastic is a superiorly advanced piece of gadget that lets the users notice and feels what they do, experience, and feel more than before.

But why release such an amazing tech on April fool’s Day? Well, it’s because Google has a quirky side and the Google cardboard plastic is a block of plastic that lets you immerse in “REALITY”. As they put it, what’s more real than reality?

Well, the device has an exceptionally important addition compared to Google Cardboard- head strap! While cardboard isn’t equipped with one in order to reduce the nausea plastic has made this exception as it lets you experience reality! As for more on plastic, tint, accessories and patterns are yet to be released for Google’s reality Headset!




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