Hands-on: ‘ARKTIKA.1’

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Game Developers Conference witnessed great projects by 4A game developers, who are famous for their Metro series of Post apocalyptic shooters. They were there at the conference with their next big project named it as, Arktika.1. This project was developed exclusively for Oculus Touch. Arktika.1 is a post apocalyptic game, which is a silent apocalypse. The game will take you into the future, which is far from the present day by 80 years. It will start with a scenario where the entire planet would have been frozen because of the Global Warming issues.

There would be a situation, where there are no countries; there are just colonies that are formed out of the rubble, that were once societies. The user plays the role of a Mercenary that will be hired to save the facility at one of the colony that would be providing resources to the cities in the equatorial region. Players would use laser weapons and would relocate from one place to another. The developers are trying to make it a larger in terms of content. There have been indoor and outdoor environments featured in the game in their travel hub. The developers have made a considerable amount of hard work so as to use the touch controllers to the fullest.

There is a lot of interaction with the guns in the game. The game uses a futuristic revolver which charges shot by pulling back on the hammer. All the weapons in the game need attachment and modifications. Arktika.1 is will be launched exclusively on the Oculus store in the third quarter of 2017. Pricing has also been disclosed as for now.




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