Hands-On ‘Sony PlayStation VR’- VR For The Gathering

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Sony has the audacity to bring their company in the top position so that they could bring VR to the people! They have witnessed an audience of approximately fifty million owners of PS4 worldwide. The mainstream audiences are ready for VR and indeed virtual reality is also ready for them.

The price of PlayStation VR has been kept down to £350 and additional charges of £40 will be charged for the PlayStation Camera in case you do not own one. You will be charged £30 for PlayStation Move controller which is used by some of the games. No doubt, it is very pricey it is worth it as it is the only headset that provides the best balance between the performance and the affordability. It is offering compelling visuals at 1920×1080 resolutions which perfectly splits between the two eyes. PSVR’s refresh rate is higher than its competitors at 120 Hz. It lessens the screen door effect which makes it much easier to read a text and makes our VR experience smooth even when the players move their heads very quickly.

PSVR’s motion tracking capabilities are also very good even when compared to HTC VIVE, it is good! In the titles like Job Simulator the motion and tracking paled in the comparison to the same game on VIVE. The area of play is in fact small and the camera has a bit difficulty in tracking controllers with inconsistent lighting. Be prepared to draw the curtains or pull off the blinds.

PlayStation VR has a lot to offer. First and third party games are among them which are well made and have handled the Virtual Reality well.  Try out the new PSVR and let us know how your experience was. We will get back to you with some more news and reviews soon!




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