Hardlight VR Haptic Suit Launched Its Kickstarter Campaign

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Hardlight Haptic VR suit met its Kickstarter campaign in February. It has already exceeded its funding goal by a great amount. It is said that more than 290 backers have already invested more than $125,000 USD in the project. Developer Nullspace VR’s vision goal was of $80,000. It is unbelievable that the project received half of their goal amount in just 24 hours.

If we talk about the suit, then the suit is designed to be very comfortable and also very adjustable to every body type. It has more than 16 haptic feedback nodes and sensors that will enable the user to feel the immersive and illusionistic experience while playing a VR game. Nullspace VR said that more than 10 video games titles are designed already so as to make it compatible with the Hardlight. Nullspace VR is focusing more on the goals and is planning to stretch their goals. Two of the stretched goals have already been unveiled and i.e., a free Virtual Reality game named as The Art of Fight and a wireless version of the suit for better immersion feelings and experience.

There is a sad news that the Early Bird rewards tiers are gone, but not to worry, there are several other reward tiers which are still available. It reward ranges from $20 for a Hardlight VR game bundle which is without the suit and till $5,999. It also includes a trip to Seattle; all expense paid, and will also get a chance to meet Nullspace VR team. Nullspace VR is all set to bring the Hardlight suit to PAX East on March 10th-12th 2017 for the attendees to try the suit by themselves. That is, it will be out from their lab! They are also planning for live stream demonstrations especially for those, who won’t be able to make it in person to the conference. Let us see, what this Kickstarter campaign will bring in, for the VR arena!




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