HBO and Discovery Ready to join Hands with Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality has met another milestone in the short life span of its existence luring the major media companies to join in on virtual Reality business. Thus, the technology has been lifted up from gaming to take roots and sustenance in other fields such as media, journalism, entertainment and e-commerce. HBO and Discovery are the recent two companies to lend their investments in the technology pertaining to its rising popularity.

The two companies are supporting and funding OTOY, a pioneering company in cloud based info graphics and VR content to be captured and rendered in order to create a universal platform for viewing VR based movies, videos and other holographic content.

Also, HBO is working with Jon Stewart along with OTOY on this upcoming project to deliver the best possible content on a major consumer platform. HBO president Michael Lombardo mentioned how OTOY has laid a roadmap for future of media and entertainment in technology. He also went ahead to state how clearly OTOY and HBO align in terms of creativity and innovation.

On the other hand Discovery has already been working on its VR content through Discovery VR apps however, the authorities at Discovery believe that OTOY could lend them a hand in taking the VR experience to a whole new level and greater heights.

OTOY’s CEO and founder Mr. Jules Urbach elaborate show his company has set its objectives and goals in delivering holographic and immersive VR content to majorly accessible platforms, publishers and artists. The company has been working on many new innovative ways to produce VR content and believes that HBO and Discovery are only investors but are partners for content to reshape and rebuild the future of entertainment.




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