Importance Of Key Performance Indicators In App Marketing

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Many app developers depend upon immediate success of their products so that they could cover their ongoing expenses and could make a profit. This is APP monetization, which is very brittle aspect of the business operations and then there is no room for error. Any problem in the revenue-generating model should be corrected immediately. There are key performers indicators also known as KPI. They determine whether your App is generating money or not. There are some key performance indicators for app marketing that should be taken care of very minutely.

First on our list is App downloads, which is the basic parameter that shows the track of the application pick up by any traction. It is actually very tough for an application to return its expenses of marketing and development, until and unless it is gaining attention from the community of the user to rake downloads between 25,000 and 100,000. Though focusing too much can be misleading but, many developers chase downloads at any given cost. Users basically very rarely bother to scroll down in a large web of applications. Therefore, it leads to a huge competition. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep an eye on this KPI.

Second on our list, is Revenue per user (RPU), it is tightly related to the financial Viability of the app, and developers should be thinking about all this at all times. When this metric is being combined volume-based indicators like with the number of downloads, one tend to get a clear idea of total revenues. High-revenue users are never easy to come by and are only attracted to the real value propositions.

Third on our list is session length in which the developers really want to know once the users open their app and keeping the track of an average session length is also the key to understand the user’s patterns of behavior. This parameter works the best when paired with other KPIs as it provides a proper context in which rest all other actions can be properly assessed.

Measuring data is an important step as it helps to make decisions better. Therefore, a wide range of great tools that are used to measure KPI’s which include easy-to-learn platforms such as Google analytics mix panel etc.




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