Interesting VR Apps Available on IOS for Free

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Virtual Reality is no longer inaccessible to anyone. There are a hundred existing applications giving you the feel of a virtual world with many new and improved apps being launched everyday! All you need is a pair of headset which could be as simple as the Google’s Cardboard or a swanky headset like that of Oculus Rift in any case the apps work just as fine. Here are some of the interesting VR apps available on IOS for free.

VR Funfair

VR Funfair is an entire amusement park within a single application. The awesome app let you experience some really exciting and adventurous rides from the park all in Virtual Reality. The rides included in the app are a Big Rollercoaster, Airship and Flyer.

Air Racer

This amazing racing game lets you race in VR but wait it’s more than that! Air Racer let’s you race with an airplane flying at a great speed. Immerse yourself in this enthralling experience and feel like a pro pilot.

Occupation VR

An action packed game in Virtual Reality with elements of GTA and DayZ. Fight scary zombies and monsters looking for Ammo and Food in the city while also attempting to save your girl. The game has some serious critical situations with powerful and impactful graphics to keep pinned.

Sharks VR

The game is a super adventurous experience with a storyline in the backdrop. The character is diving in the atoll near the coral reef before realizing that the area is shark infested. In a highly critical and thrilling situation let your survival instincts kick in to save yourself from Shark Attack in VR.

VR sniper

VR Sniper is a 360/3D game which lets you experience the life of a sniper. Immerse yourself in a mind blowing experience. The rules of the game are simple, point at the terrorists, hold your target for three seconds, close one eye for a perfect aim and shoot! One terrorist down!




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