Latest Virtual Reality Apps to Look-Out For

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With the increasing popularity of this new ultra tech- Virtual Reality, innovators in Business and are looking for new possible application of this technology. Gaming and entertainment being the first of all the real world applications, there are many more resourceful applications that push the limits of VR beyond imagination. Anything with a great vision comes with a never ending scope and just like that VR too promises a future and scope beyond our imaginations. Reaching one step closer here are a few latest VR apps to look out for.


The New York Times has taken a leap into the future of journalism by bringing you stories and the latest buzz through Virtual Reality in the form of immersive videos. The American Daily Newspaper with the second largest distribution is ready to bring its users into the VR world. Experience story-telling and journalism beyond what you could’ve ever imagined with this latest NYT VR app available for Android and IOS devices.

Jurassic VR

We’ve all watched Steven Spielberg’s marvel Jurassic Park and wondered what if it we could experience it in real. Well now you most certainly can in Virtual Reality. The Jurassic VR app gives you an up and close brush with the reign of mighty Dinosaurs. Travel back 65 million years at the touch of a finger and live in the world of Dinosaurs. The app can be experienced with Google cardboard and gives you an opportunity to get amazed by the life before us. Learn all you can about earth then and Dinosaurs whil experiencing the thrill.

Inside Syria VR

We all know about the atrocities of ISIS in Syria. The extremists rule has destroyed a culturally rich country which once had a heritage to behold. Experience the Syria the world is dreaming about with ABC News’ Alexander Marquardt and witness the historical antiquities of what could have been a progressive nation. A virtual tour to Syria will fill with the hope of a future, of a Syria without ISIS.

A Time in Space

A time in space is an app that gives you a chance to know what it feels like to be in the space. Ever dream of becoming an astronaut? Now you can. Travel in space with ATIS part 2 to experience the world the world as we know it, in VR. The app has great graphics and is compatible with Google Cardboard, Homido VR, Archos VR, FreeFly VR and Dive VR.

Lamper VR-Firefly Rescue

Lamper VR is a very cute and captivating game that will have you addicted to it in a couple of tries. Experience the life of a brave lightening bug, being chased by big spiders dropping cobs of the web. Travel through the woods and protect the Firefly Kingdom while also having to rescue your Friends from the sinister Spiders. It is surely a fun experience and an addictive game.

Experience the best of VR with these latest apps on the stores gaining popularity.




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