Leap Motion’s Orion Introduces Motion Tracking in VR

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Leap Motion is a pioneering company in innovative technology. Leap Motion, back in 2012 introduced hand motion tracking which could interpret gestures and act as an interface for operating a basic computer. And now with Virtual Reality as the front runner, Leap Motion’s Gesture or Motion Tracking is making all the more sense to the users. Leap Motion’s Orion is a perfect blend of VR and motion tracking as it lets you create and manipulate 3D objects in the Virtual Reality by simple gestures of your hand and fingers such as the basic pinch and swivel gesture of the hand lets you create an object and select shapes from a menu.

To understand better check this video by TechCrunch that shows the new Orion in an application called Blocks which lets you conjure 3D cubes and rectangles out of thin air with the simple pinch gesture. The user is also allowed to throw and pick the objects with trackers mimicking your hands brilliantly in a wide field of view.




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