Let’s Shake Hands With The First 4K VR Headset

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We all are surprised with the initial development of Virtual Reality’s HMD’s short for Head Mounted Devices i.e. headsets are now coming directly out of the US, Taiwan and Singapore, but the China is making the most of the progress. Currently there are more than 100 headset manufacturers of Virtual Reality headsets which got ticked as the ‘Place in the Sun’.

And one such VR headset manufacturer is PIMAX. PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality Headset can make huge revolutionary waves as it has produced the world’s most advanced Virtual Reality headset. It has clearly left Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE way too behind in case of resolutions. We all know that Oculus Rift produces and HTC VIVE both features paltry 2.5 million pixels, but PIMAX offers a full 4K resolution which means 8.29 million pixels. It means that 1920X2160 for each eye or 2K for each eye. 60, 75 and 90 Hz is the refresh rates of the headset are available. This Headset is more like a silver bullet we have eagerly been waiting for and gives a figure of 806 PPI.

It is made up of dual 53mm lenses that enable 110 degrees of field-of-view or also known as FOV with better adjustment and that too between 58-71 mm from your eyes. Features just don’t end here as the PIMAX is also focusing on reduction of the health implications of Virtual Reality headsets.  Therefore the headset does contain Blue laser eye protection plus auto light adjustment along with auto-demisting systems.

PIMAX comes with software which includes PiPlay driver that enables baseline of Oculus Rift and also gives full Steam Virtual Reality compatibility. Now everyone must be worried about its pricing then it is going to put a broad smile because PIMAX 4K VR headset is just for $349. We too just can’t wait to get our hands on such an advance headset just like other Virtual Reality enthusiasts.




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