LG showcases New Smartphone with Virtual Reality Set

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LG recently unveiled its new Smartphone which is a step ahead into the virtual world. The G5 Smartphone is set to feature a dual camera, one with the regular lens for taking standard shots while the second will have a wider-angle lens for taking panoramic shots to cover more of the view in front of the lens and the viewer.

Samsung too has joined LG to revive user’s interest in Smartphones for the purpose of Virtual Reality through the innovative use of cameras. Calling VR as Social Experience, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined Samsung at the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona and announced that the big companies would team up to embrace and push the burgeoning world of Virtual Reality.

Samsung’s upcoming new phones in the market namely Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have enhanced cameras promising better shots under low-light conditions. The cameras are also equipped with sensors and video controls. And now Samsung will also launch 360-degree camera for users to click and share VR photos. With Apple Inc. set to enter Virtual reality, it will be the major competitor for Samsung in the race of VR world as well.

LG too following the league will have a 360-degree camera and its own VR headset to accompany the company’s latest product G5 Smartphone. The VR headset will have to be attached with the Smartphone by a cable to display content from the phone.

However, the major concern of Smartphone Makers is to drive the user’s to upgrade to newer phones that can efficiently support VR as the problem lies in the fact that users are still using phones which are 3 to 4 years old. And hence VR being integrated with the Smartphone-driven industry it is essential to bring the users to upgrade.




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