Live Action Gaming In VR Versions On Your Facebook, YouTube Soon!

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It is said that the future of Facebook belongs to the video section and because of it, the gaming industry is already predicting that there will be a lot number of videos show casing live action gaming which will be using Virtual Reality.

Minkonet is a Seoul-based company which will soon be releasing new software which they are naming it Swing Software which they will be introducing it in beta format this August and will be out in November.  It would be revolutionary for the platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Swing 360 as it would allow them to upload live videos of the action gaming which an avid gamer will be able to enjoy it with wearing Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. It will allow live streaming of popular games on social networking media immersed in Virtual Reality versions.

The Minkonet started this project with 130 million Korean won which is approximately 110,000$ but was able to get a help from tech incubator program by Korean government. It is predicted to be a huge hit as according to studies 15% of the total Videos belong to Gaming section only. It is a feast for Gaming enthusiast as they spend their major time of their day in YouTube Gaming section as they will now be able to see through their VR headsets.

You can have a small preview of what this live gaming in VR would taste like.
We have arranged a small preview of Game ‘Mortal Blitz’ as live screening video example. This is the real feast for gamers and VR enthusiasts.




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