L’Oreal Is Now Training Their Hairdressers with Virtual Reality

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Training Hairdressers out of town can cost a lot of money and that is why L’Oreal came up in the front to change the every scenario of learning, even the traditional way of learning by watching YouTube videos.  L’Oreal, which is a well known French cosmetics company has teamed up with Virtual Reality software maker named 8i in order to create a brand new virtual reality curriculum for their very own Matrix Academy i.e. L’Oreal’s training program for amazing hair stylists. Together with L’Oreal, 8i was able to develop an immersive, VR experience in which trainees can also walk around and will be able to observe every little detail from every possible angle.

Before pairing up with L’Oreal, 8i was having issues in creating virtual and illusionistic Hair style. But two cumulatively find solutions in creating the best possible videos shot with shelf cameras and automated software so as to create holograms out of them.  The results are amazing. The resulting videos are in a form of 3D photorealistic recordings, which are said to be presented at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

This represents one of the many ways in order to take advantage of Virtual Reality’s capabilities which are outside of the consumer-related applications. The Businesses are now starting to tap the power of Virtual Reality. L’Oréal’s Virtual Reality-based curriculum will be made available in 25 Matrix Academies, which are situated in the US.




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