Madefire Launches Its First VR App For Digital Comics

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According to co-founder and CEO Ben Wolstenholme, the company is all set to enter into Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. They have announced their latest funding round happened few days ago. The company is launching a preview app for Samsung and Oculus VR platform in order to demonstrate it at the NYC comic con.  The company is trying to create a Native digital experience which will be acquainted with the comic reading experience.

Wolstenholme explained the Madefire’s approach to the immersive Virtual Reality by adding a 3 D to the experience. It is not typically 3D comics, but an experience where you will hang around near the comic’s panel.  He further said that when he tried out the immersive experience, he felt like he is occupying the similar art space and everything appeared bigger which gave an overwhelming feeling as the comic may include full 360 degree scenes. The Company confirms that everything will be ready by Christmas. Therefore, in the meantime, the demo app will include samples from very few titles which includes DC’s Injustice: Year One.

Madefire is sitting in a sweet spot. It explains that the authoring tool is already available for everyone so producing your own stuff has no barrier and it feels awesome and proud for him.  The company supposes that they at the time of life is exciting to feel and see something which is fresh and that too very engaging with the users.




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