Mark Zuckerberg Admits AR Will Soon Be Where VR Is Now

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Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most favorite CEOs in the world leading Facebook, the most popular Social Networking portal claims that the Company is progressively working in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) putting in some serious efforts into the same by the Research and Development department of the firm. However, he believes that AR has yet a long way to go before reaches neck to neck with the current leading technology Virtual Reality.

In an interview with a leading Tech Magazine Mark revealed about his plans and intentions for AR and also confessed that for now the technology is lagging behind in consumerism compared to where Virtual Reality stands at present. Although, the technology has potential, it will surely take a few years to match up pace with VR.

He also went ahead to state that with AR there remains many scientific questions and logics that must be worked out and promised that the Company is working on Research in AR very seriously and shall have the answers to the questions very soon.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook laid out the plans for future of AR saying that in the next five or ten years AR as a technology in hardware as well as software will be where VR is today also admitting that VR is easier to create and present to the people.

Analyzing the change in the recent trends in Human-Computer Interactions, Mark rightly said that just as there were a time when you needed a degree to operate a room-sized computer which was followed by the first mainstream computing system involving desktop computer, internet and phones, this is definitely not the end of the line as there is sure more to come.

Eventually there will be glasses or simply contact lens that will let you look around seeing completely different things and also be able to interact with them in real time. That is when all you would need to do is reach out and grab stuff which will have the next gen logic associated. This is what, he says, they are extremely excited about and will be working to push the trends forward into reality. Well, sooner than later is all we can hope for!




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