Microsoft HoloLens: What’s beneath the curious Black glasses?

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Microsoft HoloLens, a curious new form of technology that transforms your existing world into a completely different land by opening up several new possibilities of how one can see the world. The curled up black glasses in a black box are quite similar to those of Robocop’s and are worn with the help of two different bands, where one is used for a close-to perfect fit on your head using a tiny wheel at the back and other one supports the glasses right in front of your eyes.

Microsoft’s AR glasses which are currently priced at $3000 has been started shipping to developers and commercial customers and is currently unavailable for the regular folks i.e. users like you and I. The futuristic glasses look like a set of clunky headphones but once you wear it you’ll witness multiple things playing around you. All you have to do is pinch the objects to manipulate them into different possibilities. Check out the complete video for an experience in Microsoft’s HoloLens.




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