Microsoft Just Made VR Possible For All With $299 Headsets

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Good News! Virtual Reality just got cheaper and all thanks to Microsoft as the company said that PC OEMs will be shipping Virtual Reality headsets enabled with VR and Mixed Reality on Wednesday.  The headsets will be starting from $299. Though the details of the hardware and its working are looking thin but Microsoft has also revealed the Dell, HP, Asus, Acer and Lenovo will also be shipping their headsets with Windows 10 creators update which are due in spring of 2017. Though they will launch at a very low price, but they may have a great advantage over Valve and HTC’s VIVE and oculus Rift too.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson said that these headsets will be the first ever and the only headsets that will be shipped with inside-out 6 degree of freedom sensors which means that there will be a zero need for a separate or different room unlike all other kind of Virtual Reality headsets that are there in the market today. Microsoft didn’t utter a single word about the working of the headsets but one can hypothesize that some part of the technology is clearly borrowed from AR’s HoloLens which is famous for its working that is scanning of the room first when turned on.

We can tag them as accessories. We can assume that they will be working quite similar to the function like that of HoloLens i.e., reading of Hand Gestures of the user’s that too without the help of any external controllers. We don’t know if the technology can even match with the precision of the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, but one thing for sure that the price is most probably going to grab a lot of consumer’s attention towards it.




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