Microsoft Set to Release VR Compatible Xbox One Alongside Oculus Rift

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Microsoft is reportedly working to introduce a more swift and brilliant VR compatible Xbox one gaming console to partner with the Oculus Rift, code-named “Scorpio”.

Microsoft’s endeavors are suggestive of the upcoming biggest gaming event of the year 2016 E3 which is set to foresee some of the most exciting and wonderful VR gaming platforms and games bringing gamer and enthusiasts from all over the world. Thus, Microsoft has put forward a rather smart and impulsive move for bringing the gaming console to the performance level of the Oculus Rift right before the major VR event. The reports also suggest that Microsoft is also ready to pursue a long term partnership with Oculus Rift for supplying headsets along with the new console.

Microsoft has been up to a secret R&D project code-named Scorpio to evolve the original gaming platform into a rigorous VR gaming platform with an impressive 5-6 teraflops for the Scorpio’s GPU. The endeavors are reportedly a result of the recent news of Samsung’s efforts to build an efficient native virtual reality platform such as that of Sony’s Playstation VR which is why there would have been no better a time for Microsoft to announce its latest VR project after the much hype created by Microsoft’s HoloLens which duly impressed the viewers offering new possibilities but somehow failed to open up the revenues for the company as the price tag was too hot for the consumer market to hold on to.

Thus, this could finally be the breakthrough for Microsoft to make its mark in the Virtual Reality market.




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