Microsoft’s Confidence of Xbox Scorpio’s Power over PS4 Pro

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After month’s rumors and many speculations, there is finally some concrete information and news about the PlayStation 4 Pro or more popularly known as the PS4 Neo. If we talk about its physical outside, then it is a competitor to Microsoft’s project named as Scorpio. On the outside, it appears to be a challenger to Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. But, if we go on comparing the internals of both of them then those machines are two different machines.

First, let’s go for PS4 Pro. It supports High Dynamic Range popularly known as HDR visuals and gives an output of 4K resolution. It is compatible for any given possible game that is made before and after the launch of PS4 Pro. Well, some games look much better on a regular 1080p TV than on PS4 PRO. Well, it should be noted that the PS4 Pro is not able to play 4K Blu-rays. Now let’s go for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. It is essentially a kind of vaporware at this very point and promise to run games at native 4K resolution at 60FPS.  And on the other hand, PlayStation hasn’t said a word about its FPS.

Project Scorpio is more effectively known as Xbox Two. The Xbox One did very well in this generation, but was totally destroyed by the PS4 as to evident it, PS4 has outsold Xbox one by over 20 million units. Microsoft does seem like that it want to cut this generation short and start over with its new project which they have named it as Project Scorpio. The system has supposed 6 teraflops GPU, which is way more powerful than Xbox One. It is popularly synonym with second generation system.

The PS4 Pro is Sony’s attempt to elongate the existence of the PlayStation 4. The system is not able to provide radical gaming experience and talking about higher resolution, it seems to be farfetched dream. It is clear that It PS4 lacks some major development that Xbox’s Project Scorpio is carrying out in it.  PS4 is now available for $400 in the market and online too.




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