‘Mr. Robot’ A Simulating VR Short Movie That Will Vanish Soon!

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All must be aware of the show Mr. Robot which is typically known for bending viewer’s perspective of reality will soon undergo deeper changes.  Chris Milk owner of a VR company will now present a short film of Mr. Robert series, which is being made in VR platform. Work has already been started as it has to be released later this week only. They are working on a crucial part of the main character Elliot’s past. The film will be shown for the very first time at San Diego Comic Con on July 21.

It will be shared with anyone with the Within app which is exclusively available on Android, iOS, Gear VR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. ‘Within’ is known for producing immersive documentaries

The film is being tagged as ‘the first nationally simulcast VR experience and will eventually disappear with the collapsing of the scheduled time. Everyone is excited for this immersive movie because of its weightier dramatic effects. We hope that everyone is excited to tune in on Thursday to see Eliot’s past in an immersive platform.




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