Mutual Mobile Now Allows You Have Home Delivery If Ordered Within Virtual Reality

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The Mutual Mobile Company works as a helping hand for the companies who create applications for Virtual Reality. It has recently launched an application in Stimulated Beach House Environment which is successfully delivering refreshing beverages to the participants who living thousands of miles away and using Uber Eats delivery app. It has been made possible by Oculus Rift Gear VR and Mutual Mobile founder John Arrow. This is the first time ever that any tangible thing has been ordered within Virtual Reality. Imagine yourself walking through the aisles of the food section, walking and witnessing many eatable products and now you are entering the liquid section or liquor section. This all comes to you with the comfort of your home. You can select a car from a catalog like what Cadillac is provided to its customers. Virtual Reality will transform Commerce completely in many profound ways than brick and mortar stores to the internet. Mutual Mobile’s Virtual Reality application will allow the participants to request goods verbally and can choose from a great variety of options of delivery services like Post mates, etc.

Virtual Reality advertising and commerce necessitate imminent considerations from the consumer brands. The rapid increase in Virtual Reality headsets will give rise to thousands of consumer brands and will bring revolutionary in terms of selling, buying, demand and supply ranges or in short we can say Commerce. Many headsets like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Android Cardboard, etc will give rise to consumer brands Johnson and Johnson, Starbucks, Pepsi or mountain dew are making their products available for purchase in Virtual Reality to give their consumers an immersive experience.




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