NASA And Harmonic Astronaut Training In 360-Degree Virtual Reality

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Harmonic who is a global leader in delivering videos along with NASA, has now released a new immersive and illusionistic experience for the public which features astronaut training footage in UHD.  The NASA VR/360 video is simply stunning which further offers three different perspectives of astronauts as they are completing their space-walk training for the futuristic missions of the ISS short for  International Space Station. The groundbreaking video is now available on the NASA TV YouTube channel for the viewers.  Fred Brown, who is an executive producer of NASA Television is so grateful to its technology partners like Harmonic to help them delivering an amazing video experience through Virtual Reality.

The video was shot at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) situated in Houston. The NBL training has a large pool of water indoors, which replicated the ISS settings and which is used by astronauts to perform some simulated tasks as they are getting prepped for their upcoming missions. The video is powered by Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™ as it ensures high video quality till 2160p60, at minimum bitrates.

By bringing together UHD and Virtual Reality technology along with NASA astronaut training footage, the video is offering an amazing immersive experience for viewers. Virtual Reality being the most innovative technology, Harmonic will highlight this technology during the IBC 2016 event from September 9-13 in Amsterdam.  NASA is again proving its position in Virtual Reality world firstly, when NASA uses Virtual Reality to Experience Mars and now giving a training session in Virtual Reality.





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