Nokia Steps Back in the League with a $US 60,000 VR Camera

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Nokia is back with a big bang and this time, it has hit virtual reality with a golden hammer. Known as the maker of most affordable mobile phones Nokia, the Finnish firm is now making a grand comeback in Hardware after selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft back in 2014.

Nokia is making its debut in Virtual reality with a $US 60,000 camera that shoots amazing video few people can watch for now. Nokia’s magnanimous camera is the innovative creation of Ramzi Haidamus who is a Dolby Laboratories veteran hired by Nokia back in July 2014 to be the president of its technology division.

And now Nokia has officially announced its OZO Professional VR Camera which is capable to record 360-degree video and audio along in complete stereoscopic 3D. However, the only challenge remaining is that the camera shoots video for VR headsets which are not quite ubiquitous yet.

OZO, the VR camera is a stylish gray sphere camera which supports eight lenses inside it to record and combine video shot in a sphere. Along with the lenses, there are eight microphones which record the 3D surround sound as audio for the footage. Also, Nokia tested OZO at NASA’s Houston base to make sure of its capabilities to capture VR video footage.

Thus, OZO has a tremendous opportunity to grow and find a strong footing in the VR business as it is essentially designed to deliver an immersive experience at par. OZO’s $60,000 price tag makes it more acknowledgeable for the big companies and developers with a big budget. Surely, OZO is the first of its kind VR filming device but luckily Nokia has also indicated at releasing cheaper versions of the device in the near future.




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