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UI and UX have always been regarded as the heroes in our real life. They very carefully shape and carved the Sci-fiction realm for Virtual and Augmented Reality. With innovation and experimental nature, UX/UI designers are able to create some of the best conventional concepts that give a picture of a very promising future. In this blog, we are here to throw some light on the important facets of UI/UX in Virtual Reality, which are as follows:

Define Your Experience:  The first thing that pops up in our mind is that, what kind of experience we want our user to experience, how should they feel? Will be emotional, inspirational, motivational, empathetic, educational or sensational? This is indeed the most important factor that has to be finalized so that other steps can put into work.

Development of the Tricks from UI Maniacs: The professional and innovative UI designers from time to time can come up with new ideas to be designed in the UI arena. The main work of the UI designers in the Virtual Reality kingdom is to develop an arena which is dizziness free and it should be displayed directly in the 3D environment and that too instead of 2D.

Depth: In this arena, the user should be able to move their heads around in real time and that is depth. The Virtual Reality objects should be of the same depth as the object is being targeted.

User’s avatars:  The Avatars help to get more immersion effect and that is why, it is necessary to make your avatars very realistic and that too in the overall style and concept.

Drawing attention: Movement tracking is focused majorly by the UI/UX designers. The designers should always find a way to catch the attention of the users greatly and also make them focus on what is important. You can play with light, colours, acceleration, direction, etc.

Testing: This is also the most important step. The testing of what you have created is an important task. They should test if there is any dizziness that user will be experiencing, or how is the immersion, depth. Is it realistic enough for the user? Such questions can be answered, through testing.

The graphics are really pushing the limits as they are really amazing and impressive. Designers today are putting a lot of hard work in this latest trending technology and we hope that the above mentioned tips will help you to understand the meaning of UI, UX in Virtual Reality much better. If you are sure, there are many UX beginners guide to for Virtual Reality that one should have been gone through before understanding this blog better!




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