Now, Multiplayer and Launch Date for ‘Racket: NX’ for HTC VIVE

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Developers of the VR sports game One Hamsa, announced that the game which they named it as Racket: Nx’s early access version will be arriving in late January 2017 on Steam. The First version will be launched and this will include “competitive” multiplayer and will also include new single player mode. The Racket Nx is described as an ‘arcade space, sport’, as it works on a very simple concept of squash and multiplies the intensity level with their clean and futuristic visual style. According to their recent announcement, it was confirmed that the release of initial early access will be in late January 2017.

Encouraging very hard swings of a controller and energetic, roomscale movement, Racket Nx is known as a great workout as it encourages hard swings of the controllers and promotes energetic movements. This shows that they have a competitive esport and most importantly, physical fitness will be an added advantage. Many major changes will be there like a new single-player mode will also be introduced, along with many new features. These features have been added as the result of the community feedback they got from the demo.

The developers confirmed that the Racket Nx will be get updates throughout 2017 and many types of modes and features are promised like SICK MUSIC, a league system, etc. The ‘Nx’ in the title is named after the Nx plugin for pro-audio software Waves that actually simulates 3D audio.  Its first impressions are very positive and worth a try! It is said to be a perfect arcade space sport like Breakout is based on.




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