Now Visualize Roomscale Dimensions With Touch And VIVE

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After the launch of Oculus ‘Touch’, the company has finally given the final touches to its ‘experimental’ camera arrangements, especially made for 360 degree and also for the ‘roomscale’ tracking. It allows us to have a look of the tracking volumes. The HTC VIVE is known as the first consumer Virtual Reality headset, which offers ‘room scale’ tracking. It gives players the ability to step across in a room-sized space while taking part in the immersive virtual experience with the help of the motion Contactors.

For roomscale, Oculus Company suggests three cameras, i.e. one has to purchase one camera extra.  Out of three cameras, two cameras are to be set up in the front in a form of some normal front-facing setup and the other one in any of the rear corners of the play area. If someone is looking for 360 degree standing, It is recommended that the setting of two close cameras should be at the opposite corners. The company has also written and published a proper setup guide for each and every step inclusive of the specific dimensions of the whole play area which is possible with both the layouts. One should note that the Oculus Company is still calling these camera settings and configurations as ‘experimental’.

There are many questions that are being raised by many Virtual Reality enthusiasts like, ‘How well will the newly launched ‘Touch’ work within the different volumes and to what extent, these boundaries can be extended or pushed? We all know that the Touch was launched last week and these questions will be answered soon!




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