Now you can Make Calls and Send Texts in VR with HTC Vive

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Virtual Reality with its latest innovations and potential has made making Calls and sending messages a possibility while experiencing Virtual reality with HTC Vive. HTC at the Mobile World Congress last year announced that the company had been planning to get into the VR consumer business to propagate company’s growth after Smartphone profits started showing slack.

And now a year after, HTC has come to a point where it has proved to be right in betting on Virtual reality as the stage where Smartphone features could be integrated with VR has finally come. One can connect with the real outside world through messages and voice calls while in VR all you will need is:

  • HTC Vive Headset
  • Android Compatible Phone
  • ‘Vive’ Windows Desktop App
  • Steam VR installed on your Windows PC

You will also need HTV Vive Bluetooth drivers which can be installed from Steam’s VR settings menu from the SteamVR  control application.

Check out the video here to know exactly how calling and messaging works in the virtual World while wearing a Headset.




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