Nvidia rolls out next-gen tech during annual hardware conference

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Nvidia has been in the news for bringing out some brilliant form of technology in terms of smart computer graphics for artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang presented the chip maker company’s plan to hit the currently hot market for latest technologies such as Virtual Reality.

Huang at the annual conference aimed to explain how Nvidia’s graphic processing units are especially capable to support both AR and VR technologies along with the content. The company is also rendering new technology named Iray VR which is said to enhance the 360 degree video experience. The latest technology will be made available to a host of commercial personnel such as architects and automakers in June for 3D imagery and building interiors of car models using VR headsets.

Huang also briefly mentioned about the use of the company’s new GPU chip for better and upcoming video games in VR which supremely graphically designed as Nvidia leads the chip makers in video games such as AMD. This implies that Nvidia will surely strengthen its footing as VR gains more steam in the market while still working for other technologies such as AI data centered chips and have predicted overall $97 million revenue by the end of fourth quarter.




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