O2 Brings Out Cool VR Live Entertainment Experiences

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O2 is here and brings out a cool VR live entertainment experience. The two new VR experiences will be based on music and sport. It will allow the O2 fully immerse themselves into the action. The experience will be made up of the Virtual Reality mixed, with Samsung Gear VR, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift. O2 customers will be teleported to the music venue or a field to perform or be a person in an audience with the help of the technology. The users will be able to  swap between the two situations!

This kind of experience will be happening for the very first time. An O2 Academy venue has given ‘behind the scenes’ access in 360 degree format that will show a band point-of-view, on how they build up a music event. They will be given a chance to start from Tour bus!

A second VR experience that O2 is giving to its customers is that, it will allow O2 customers to immerse themselves in the realm of England Rugby Game. Game users will have an amazing chance to compete against the best of the nation players and this way, they look for talent! It is possible as they battle it out against the interactive CGI characters in a much interactive form. This kind of interactive experience uses the Xsense motion technology to capture the accuracy of the game and player movement. They are focusing more on providing the most realistic experience as possible.

Gareth Griffiths, who is the head of sponsorship at O2 believe in living and using the latest Virtual Reality technology that would actually showcase the live experiences to all the O2 customers in their stores, spread all across the country. The Company is excited to roll their all new and fresh virtual reality experiences into O2 stores nationwide. Paul Gustard, defense coach at England Rugby also enjoyed working in partnership with O2 so as to develop a unique and fresh virtual reality experience for the people. Let us see that how far, Virtual Reality goes! It has already entered the mainstream and has won awards too, let us see about sport realm!




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