Obduction VR Review: A game that will hit all the right Buttons

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Obduction is the recent creation of the Cyan, which is the same studio that produced the 90’s very famous classic- Myst (1993) and Riven (1997) and now Obduction is ready to be the latest addition netted over $1.3 Million which was announced back in 2013 but was officially released yesterday for PCs whereas the VR fans who are hoping to strap in their headsets to play the game might just have to wait a little bit longer.

However, teasing the audience and also providing them with a haven at the same time the producers have released a VR Pre-Launch version for Oculus Rift to get a waft of the brilliant game coming soon!

Obduction can be regarded as the spiritual successor of Myst as it offers the similar puzzles as soon as the game begins with a guest guide in the form of a character named CW which doesn’t give you much to go on but then again, the essence of the game lies in the fact that you have to find things out on your own in this virtual adventure.

The game starts where you are the victim of a supernatural catastrophe in the form of abduction by an organic being that transforms our world and takes you to a new wonderful place. Once, the player gets accustomed to the surroundings of the barren township of Hunrath, the player begins with the exploration of the mysterious place encroached with alien establishments and strange architectural styles and outlandish natural landscapes such as purple mountains. The exploration must take you in the search of a way out from this strangely beautiful Alien world.

The game offers intense visuals and perfectly matched physical scale to offer high degree immersion with minute details ranging from power lines and multiple mechanical contraptions and map levels demanding time to examine the setting.

The game has a mesmerizing story to be told with a total pay time of 5-15 hours for completion (which is for the Demo). The added advantage is the maximized comfort for being in the game for that long with classy visuals and correct scales to avoid nausea. Ultimately, along the lines of The Climb, The Assembly, and Raw Data etc. it is surely a game to watch out for.





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