Oculus GO: A Conjecture Turned into Reality

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Oculus GO A Conjecture Turned into Reality

We are human beings, whether we believe it or not, we are naturally-born sybarites. In this era of rapidly advancing technology, what do we actually demand? Luxury, of course, which goes hand in hand with the comfort. We are all aware of the Virtual Reality technique. It is such an amazing technique which convinces the human brain to be present somewhere it is actually not.

For all those gizmo geeks out there, we have exciting news for you. At Oculus Connect 4, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Oculus is working on a new headset, officially called Oculus GO. You might be wondering by now, what is so exciting in this another VR headset. This is not like any other VR headsets which require being connected to the desktop through cables. This, in fact, is a completely standalone system. Yes, you read that perfectly right, you will be able to run games, play movies, meet up with your friends in VR, and that too with no cables and no phones.

Oculus GO puts a true meaning to the affordable virtual reality device. You don’t need a smartphone to power this, as this is a fully standalone device. It is promising to eliminate the clarity problem as if you were watching through a screen door. You must have experienced some lag between the images and the movement of your body, the Oculus GO will be using the fast-switch LCD display which will eliminate this problem. This wonder headset is believed to be giving an optimized performance so that you can have crisp visuals of whatever you are watching.

Whatever seemed to be a conjecture till now, Oculus GO is going to prove it wrong. Although the exact date of release isn’t confirmed yet, we can expect it to be released by June 2018. You need to give it a try to experience the wonderful immersive VR Technology.




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