Oculus Rift’s “VR for Good” Campaign brings Virtual Reality to Schools

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Oculus Rift the pioneer VR headset making company has now come up with something even more exciting, the “VR for Good” campaign which is planned to work on Virtual Reality in a way such that it can become the most powerful element for social change.

As per the Facebook-Owned VR Company, Virtual Reality has tremendous potential to bring about such a revolutionary social change. IT also mentioned in a blog post that filmmakers all over the world and from all genres can employ VR to push the boundaries of cinematic technology to create impactful storytelling.

Thus, the campaign is designed to benefit the many non-profit organizations working to raise voice about topics that need awareness using Virtual Reality. The campaign aims to initiate two VR film programs, first called the 360 Filmmakers challenge which will involve nine schools from San Francisco Bay Area to collaborate in a professional 360 filmmaking initiative creating a three-to-five minute long video about their respective communities. Each school shall be provided with a Samsung Gear VR, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Ricoh’s Theta S 360 degree camera.

The campaign shall end in six weeks after which the best videos will be posted on Facebook and Oculus videos.

The 360 Boot camp however, shall work for non profits and will feature 10 rising filmmakers in the form of developer teams which will create VR films to focus on social missions. The campaign is a strong and refreshing initiative to significantly launch VR in filmmaking.




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