OSVR Offers Discount On HDK 2 To Students & Developers

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OSVR has taken a great step for Academia and Developer program by offering a 20% price reduction in HDK 2. The HDK 2 is enjoying the status of most recent iteration of the organization’s open source headset. It is currently priced at $399. OSVR HDK 2 has a very unique part to play in the market in which it is considered as the alternative to Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE. OSVR HDK2 shares the same specifications with the current high-end PC VR headsets. The price of $399 is still competitive, even though the Rift has dropped its price to $499. This latest 20% discount by OSVR is the biggest incentive that is being given to students & developers as part of the OSVR Academia & Developer Program.

Everyone must be wondering about how to avail the discount. It is a very easy process. One has to fill out a form on the OSVR website, then the discount code along with instructions will be sent to the user and finally the user would be able to complete the purchase. The Website is giving attractive offers like, if a company or institution purchase multiple kits, would now be able to receive a free HDK 1.3 and also for ever two HDK 2 headsets purchased.  To know more in greater in-depth knowledge, the organization is welcoming you to visit their website at marketing@osvr.org.

Little bit about, OSVR! It is launched in collaboration between Razer and Sensics. The OSVR initiative has gained immense support from the companies like Intel, Nvidia, and Valve and also from the game Community, with over 300 games listed which are supported on Steam.





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