Paper Airplane VR Drone as ‘Powerup FPV’

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Must be thinking what Virtual Reality is doing with your plain paper? Or let’s say you want to know, what ‘Powerup FPV’ is? Well, it can be anything like a bird or a plane or anything of that sort.  We’ll reveal now! It is YOU who are sitting in your very own paper Airplane. Seems and sounds wow? Well, it is the first ever paper airplane drone that will have a live streaming camera. It can help you to experience the flight as if you are sitting in the cockpit of your paper airplane. You just have to strap up the smart phone in a form of a head-mounted display like Google cardboard viewer.

Powerup Toys teamed with Parrot® leading minds in order to create the world’s most amazing and out of the world’ live streaming technology that is just ready to give the trills and Goosebumps while you are flying up to 300 feet. Everyone is hoping to get along with the ride. So what are you waiting for just fold the paper and it supports a frame which is inclusive of control electronics, two motors and batteries along with a teeny-tiny camera. Along with all these features, there is a microSD slot that is being provided for the ease of your recordings gallery. It gives a lot of times that you can design your own airplane. They flying camera attached to your very own personalized paper airplane have a camera of VGA-resolution and the plane’s battery is also rated for just 10 minutes of flight.

If we talk about Virtual Reality then, it gives the experience and thrills of flying and to have the most out the immersive experience, then one has to have a larger screen phone with fine resolution. It is recommended to have a phone like iPhone 6 plus or 7 plus for this activity set in your Google Cardboard and camera. The Powerup FPV once started out just as a Kickstarter project, but is becoming widely available through many retailers at a cost of just $199 which will be supplied shortly and if you are very curious and fascinated with the idea of making our very own drones just of paper airplanes and don’t require any of the features of the FPV then there is another model named as, Powerup 3.0 which just works fine on a single motor and nor camera and is priced at $50.






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