Photogrammetry Showcase ‘Realities’ With New Updates

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Who hasn’t heard of Realities! The Realities is a ‘virtual travel’ title that captures near photo-realistic Virtual Reality pictures of real-world locations. It has now received a major update. The latest update includes software that has been overhauled in order to support the rendering and improvement for Oculus Rift and as well as touch.

It is just like Photography, in practice, and makes measures in case of Photogrammetry which has evolved and improved over time from the geoferencing realm. It is a real-time game environment. Well, if you are wondering about some examples, then we give you one! Must have heard about the Vanishing of Ethan Carter! It is a big example of using this amazing technique in Unreal Engine 3. The Realities took a realistic approach photos to create a free SteamVR product. It was launched alongside the HTC VIVE in April 2016.

Realities started very strongly at first, and then they worked fairly silently, as their work went behind the scenes. The selection of the scanned environments which was limited at first will now be expanded with the help of some major updates which adds 5 spots in California’s Death Valley which will be combined with new and atmospheric audio.  The update also includes the improvement of Oculus Touch and Touch Support and a number of other visual improvements that would be affecting all the environments. If you wish to read in- depth then, the detailed information can be provided on the Website.




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