PSVR Fan Event to Feature Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare VR

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Call of Duty is ready for a grand debut in VR at the official fan event of PSVR early next month which will be hosted by Activision and attended by all those who are fans of PSVR. The attendees will get a chance to experience an exclusive Call of Duty gaming experience in Virtual Reality running on PlayStation VR.

The initial experience is believed to be based on the forthcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which is due to be released in November this year showcases the brilliant new updated version of the popular combat genre game. The gaming experience will offer the players an opportunity to fly and maneuver their personal fighter jet ‘jackal’.

The representatives of the game Call of Duty XP 2016 have spoken about the experience teasing the fans about how the game will be a one-off experience thus it is more focused on branding and marketing instead of a widespread consumer release in the future.

However, it is super intriguing to witness Activision and Call of Duty taking small steps towards the Virtual Reality. This could surely be a very positive and advanced step if seen from the consumer POV as well as figuring the industry’s benefits.

Activision before this has been very guarded about entering into the VR space and has taken its time to extend the scope waiting for the market to reach its intonation point. Well, for games such as Call of Duty on PSVR we’ll take whatever release date we are offered but for those who are looking to adapt their existing non-VR versions of the game into VR, good news is that VR injection driver VorpX supports Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 1&2, Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts




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