PSVR Got A Reason For Joy- Ghostbusters VR Is Now For PSVR

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Ghostbusters one of the major projects in the Virtual Reality Arena is now giving a major reason to rejoice to all the PSVR users. We can clearly witness that the Ghostbusters franchise is not done with the capitalization in the field of the Video game market realm yet! It is defiantly because the First installment of the all new experience is taking a lead and going to visit PSVR first. The experience which is not in a form of a game was developed by the collaboration of CreateVR and Sony’s in-house Virtual Reality production studio. When you will watch the trailer of the same, it has entitled the Ghostbusters VR with ‘Now Hiring, Act 1: Firehouse’.

In the iconic Virtual Reality experience of Ghostbusters, you meet Mooglie, the most amazing ghost which is also there on the franchise’s logo, who is responsible to take you on a tour of the Ghostbusters’ firehouse. In there you will meet the mean, cantankerous green and highly insatiable ghost named as Slimer. Sony allows the user to paw around the Ecto-1, assemble and fire a proton pack and according to the very trailer, you tend to get trapped in a big, yucky ghostie.

Ghostbusters VR – Now Hiring, Act 1: Firehouse will be made available for download from the very PlayStation Store for $6.99 starting from the day it is launched! In order to have an amazing and totally immersive experience of the Ghostbusters VR, you would need a PSVR headset and PS Move Controllers for use! Project developers CreateVR which are behind the Ghostbusters are well-known for their work on The Walk demo which is a Virtual Reality version of the Robert Zemeckis’ 2015 film, which features a death-defying saunter which is across a tightrope strung in between the World Trade Center buildings circa 1974. The CreateVR has an experience of developing a great Virtual Reality Ouija 2: Origin of Evil (2016) for Universal Pictures International in its bag.

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality is an industry leader of developing a narrative VR content inclusive of the Ghostbusters: Dimension. It is a mixed-reality experience which currently hosted at out-of-home Virtual Reality Park- the VOID. You all must have heard about the Sony’s in-house production studio most recent making, published with a name of Passengers: Awakening. It is a VR adventure inside the Starship Avalon. We all are excited for Ghostbusters VR and its experience!




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