Qatar Airways Using RampVR

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Qatar Airways is leading the adoption of virtual reality into the training of aviation ground operations. As IATA’s global launch partner of RampVR, it will utilize the latest virtual-reality technology to simulate real airside conditions for ground handling and ground service operator training. Qatar Airways’ Talent Development department is using the RampVR system to train its ground operations teams.

The new system is used to train airside operational and management staff through immersion into a live experience while being in a safe and controlled training environment.

We are the worlds’ first airline to partner with IATA in launching this Virtual Reality system that brings an immersive and safe way of training our staff to the highest standards.

Ramp VR can be programmed to simulate all light, weather, and operational conditions in which staff members can find themselves, and create an endless variety of problem-solving opportunities. The technology allows immediate practical application and embedding of theory while the staff is still in the training environment, eliminating the safety risks to staff and aircraft.

RampVR is a key tool in IATA’s ‘Ramp of the Future’ initiative that recognizes the need for rapidly increasing the skills and knowledge of all the ground operations staff as well as providing a global standard of operational best practices. ‘It aims to accelerate the modernization of the processes aligned with a common vision for the future of ground operations. The tool relies on increased collaboration from all the stakeholders.

As part of its continued expansion plans, Qatar Airways plans a host of exciting new destinations throughout 2018, including Gothenburg, Sweden; Estonia, Tallinn, and Valletta, Malta, just to name a few.

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Rolve Bhatia

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