Reasons Consumers might be holding off on Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is undoubtedly an amazing new technology which is sure to leave the spectators of VR spell bound once they try it out. However, there might be a few reasons at the consumers end to keep virtual reality on a hold for now.

Poor Resolution

Virtual Reality may have reached far ahead in the race with technology, however, the gadgets I VR still lack the desired high resolution for viewing content in VR. The Smartphones with high resolution also need the screens to be placed close to the eyes which lets he users spot individual pixels of the screen.

Lack of Content

Although producers and media companies are working hard to provide the viewers and enthusiasts with quality content for VR however, there are still some limitations in terms of quality and satisfying content for VR which is one of the reasons VR could be put on hold.

High Prices and Delayed Launch

With high-tech gadgets such as Oculus Rift being released at sky rocketing prices such as $599 which further requires a $1000 PC for the VR headset to function efficiently, there are high chances the users could be putting off buying expensive gadgets just as yet.

The Wires and limitations

Even with these brilliant gadgets out in the market at a reasonable price such as HTC Vive there are certain limitations such as being caught up in the web of wires that run over your head from various different ports into devices limiting the movement in VR and inhibiting an otherwise wonderful experience.

Thus, these few could be the reasons for the delayed outburst in the sales of the VR gadgets along with the current unavailability of quality gadgets and reasonable prices and the threat of other good gadgets coming out in the near future.




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