Review Of Exemplar 2 VR PC Which Is Now Available

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September 2, 2016 saw the launch of Exemplar 2. It is a second generation virtual reality high-end gaming Personal Computer especially designed for Virtual Reality enthusiasts. It is now available in the market from today and it do features NVIDIA’s next-generation Virtual Reality Ready GPU series plus an enhanced layout and design with all new liquid cooling for power back performances. Exemplar 2 has raised the bar so very high with its major leaps in the immersive performance and in its power efficiency which ensure the gamers that they are using the latest and greatest hardware for the best experience in the Virtual Reality Platform.

For a comfortable Virtual Reality experience, it is needed to be powered by a machine which is capable of rendering illusionistic scenes at a resolution of 2160×1200 in stereoscopic 3D mode set at 90 FPS. In case your PC is not up to the mark then you will not experience good performance. For amazing performance, you should go above and beyond the minimum recommended specifications along with ample of power that is required to render the sharpest image possible while maintaining a critical frame rate.

Exemplar 2 Ultimate has fulfilled its promise about performance i.e. to bring up to 3x more Virtual Reality performance for VR enthusiasts. It also has features like supersampling to enhance image quality through their headset to a great extent. Exemplar 2 is based on the latest NVIDIA 10-series GPUs which are enabled with next-generation Pascal architecture and support for suite of VR performance named as VRWorks which will enhance rendering technologies in the immersive medium.

 Exemplar 2 is SLI-capable of Z170 motherboard for VR enthusiasts who can now have amazing performance by running two GPUs in a row. There is a new liquid cooling system that keeps the Intel Core i7-6700K CPU cool and saves a lot of space for improved airflow and a much slimmer case. It also comes with standard AVADirect’s extensive Silver Warranty Package which includes 3 Year Limited Parts and 3 Year Labor Warranty along with LIFETIME Technical Support. Exemplar 2 and Exemplar 2 Ultimate are now available in the market with a hefty price tag of $1,669 and $2,499 respectively.




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