Review of ‘Rick and Morty Simulator’ on HTC Vive

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Recently launched Rick and Morty Simulator game was finally tried on the HTC Vive in Adult Swim and Owlchemy Labs. The first thing you will notice about this game is that watching 2D characters in 3D format and it is weird to see that.

If you’ve ever played the Simpsons console games then you’ll know exactly what does it actually mean. But weirdness actually takes a back seat as soon as illusionistic Rick opens his mouth and you will hear his iconic alcoholic voice. The game is full of absurdist sci-fi humour that fans of Rick and Morty show know and love. The game starts inside the Rick’s garage which is full of large collection of props lying on the shelves and workbenches. Fans of the show will notice that some of the props are in the exact same position as they were in the animated series. In order to move freely around the garage, players have to teleport between predefined regions that are outlined in a blue square especially on the floor.

In the game, you have to take control of Morty’s clone, which is ostensibly created for doing chores for Rick which is his sole purpose. The first task is to wash his dirty laundry that Rick gives you and that too by placing it in the washing machine. Though it is a very simple task, but everything felt like a activity in Job Simulator.

After finishing the laundry task, Rick will deliberately going to say that your performance was poor just to indicate that you are a mere defective clone. After the demo, rick comes back and gives instructions on how to activate a blast shield so that he can open a portal on it.

At the end of the demo, Rick comes back and instructs you to activate.  It was a real quick demo and you will be pleased with the quality of what you will see. Everyone is looking forward to pick up the full experience when it is released.

Though the demo is tried on an HTC VIVE, but there the company’s lips are sealed as there is no word yet for the final platform or release date.  Apart from the title, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has recently launched his own Virtual Reality game studio, named as Squanchtendo which has announced its fist games named as Accounting.




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