Samsung is Working on Advanced Wireless Virtual Reality Headset

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Samsung after receiving a successful review for its Gear VR headset is now working on a new virtual reality headset which will be highly advanced and wireless like the Star Trek Holodecks.

The tech giant during the Annual Developer’s Conference announced that it is ready to work on new VR technology and products independent and dedicated to virtual reality unlike Samsung’s current VR headset, Gear VR which requires a Samsung Smartphone to display the VR content.

Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Software for Mobile Devices Injong Rhee declared that the Company is working on advanced and wireless VR devices which will function independently of a smartphone.

Currently, Samsung’s Gear VR headset as compared to Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which vend at $600 $800, is priced notably lower as it lacks the highly advanced features possessed by the competing parties.

However, the new devices under development are aimed to incorporate features such as motion and gesture tracking allowing users to explore and interact with the VR surroundings and objects without any hand controllers. Also, Samsung is working to improve the VR immersive experience by reducing the dizziness.

Samsung is readying itself to hit it big in this competition of Virtual reality technology with its best major weapons yet to be unleashed.




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