‘Sketchfab’ And ‘Tilt Brush’ Joined Hands To Be Your VR Refrigerator Online

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It was indeed the best feeling when you were drawing something as a kid and your parents in appreciation would hang up that painting of yours on the refrigerator.  It is a heavenly feeling to know that your art have got labored and is preserved on something so that everyone in your home could see it comfortably. Now, we believe that society is a big refrigerator, which is widely known as Internet and therefore, it can be a fitting place for all the artists who are trying to store their work for the future patrons.

Technology has changed the way human beings are creating their art and the new become known world of VR is no exception. Google has created this new feature named it as Tilt brush which is especially designed for the HTC VIVE for art creation experience and allows the art makers to create implausible 3D works of art with this digital paint brush and added a myriad of effects. Tilt Brush is now joining hands with another graphic -based company called Sketchfab so as to allow VR artists who allow them to access that great online Refrigerator in their Cloud.

The collaboration of the above allows you to create a piece in Tilt Brush which when uploaded to SketchFab can be viewed in 360 degrees. Sketchfab has thousands of such interactive snapshots and recently it began making some adjustments on its platform as that the Virtual Reality artists can now share their creations more easily online.

Sketchfab has now made it very simple like never before for the budding artists and also gives them world’s largest platform to publish their art piece which they can share their content in 3D online and in Virtual Reality

Tilt Brush is now available on Steam for download for $29.99.




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