Sony and Microsoft land in the War Zone for Virtual Reality Consoles

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Sony and Microsoft the two Biggies in the currently hot Virtual Reality gaming industry are preparing with all their might for what could be one of the biggest showdown considering that the future of console gaming lies in the hands of immersive Virtual Reality experiences.

At the recently held E3 gaming event, that hosted a face-off of a multitude of VR games, the two giants came forward with their heavy VR headset consoles and one could experience the heat rising. What better place and occasion to hold such a brilliant shake up than the E3 convention? That’s right. None!

With the grand debut of Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpion lined up next to Sony’s PlayStation Neo’s release, the gaming industry is more than excited for this historical battle of favorites in immersive experience. Virtual Reality ever since its emergence has been rightfully entitled to hold the future of console gaming and with the tech Giants investing in great interests into the technology one can be more than just sure about the stability offered to this budding technology especially in the field of Gaming.

The consoles mentioned above are slated to be release with an exclusive variety of VR games with Microsoft ready to present its latest collection of gears for War and Halo games whereas Sony is confident to unveil the latest chapters of its famous Gran Turismo             and the last of Us Franchises.

All we as audiences are left to see which of the two powerful gaming consoles wins at the big battleground for space in the Virtual world. Comparing the specification of the two most awaited VR Consoles; Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio beats Sony’s PlayStation Neo to dust on paper as Neo with a 4.2 Teraflops GPU can’t beat the 6 Teraflops GPU offered by Xbox Scorpio at a price of $499 compared to the $399 Price tag for Sony’s Neo.

Microsoft has officially confirmed the release date to be around Christmas of 2k17 whereas Sony’s console is rumored to be released around the end of this year. It yet remains to be predicted whether tuning a finer product to be released later will have any effect competing against the product already making its name in the currently hot industry.





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