Spice Things Up With The DOTA 2 Limited Edition HTC Vive Headset

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As snazzy and tech savvy as this latest Virtual Reality technology has come to be, VR headsets in their initial forming years have somewhere lacked the peppy and quirky quotient of the gamers with their signature black or white HMDs. With over a bunch of new VR headset gears coming to the market and resultantly over a hundred fresh orders for each kind of headset we certainly don’t wish to be lagging behind in the style department now, do we? So, in order to spice things up HTC has brought a stylish new Limited Edition HTC Vive VR headset.

The super flamboyant limited Edition DOTA 2 HTC VIVE Head strap has been designed by the official merchandise partner of HTC, WeLoveFine Designing to let people stand and take a look at your gear whilst you enjoy your trip in Virtual Reality.

The DOTA 2 Championships’ branded head strap is to be sold under the Secret Shop DOTA 2 banner which comes in a flashy and trendy red and white International DOTA 2 head strap.

The famous game was recently released in VR in spectator mode as an initial introductory clip for the same platform for a super enhanced and vibrant DOTA 2 experience in Virtual Reality.

The price of this exclusive edition VR Headset remains to be just the same at US $799 as the included hardware and specifications are just about identical to the HTC VIVE system. Thus, in the end, if you were to buy an HTC VIVE and also if you are great and enthusiastic DOTA 2 sports fan then this perky new VR Headset might just be for you!




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