Super Scary American Horror Story VR Experience at Comic Con

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Want to experience the best of horror in Virtual Reality? Now you can revisit your favorite episodes of the famous series ‘American Horror Story’ reliving the nightmare in VR. The city of San Diego woke up excited anticipating some of the best VR experiences to be showcased at the Comic Con this year among the featured VR projects including Mr. Robot and Suicide Squad.

The four day convention also debuted publicly for the very first time, a fully immersive American Horror Story VR experience at the Hilton Bayfront Park set inside a ominous looking storage tower.

The daunting experience was more than just hair-raising and was not meant for the faint at heart. The viewer is let in a by a staff member into the dark tower which opens into a white dome room. The room dons few weird looking black platforms in the center which are used as beds for the viewers to lie down after putting on their VR headsets. All this is done with the help of members present dressed in creepy black hospital scrubs and white lab coat.

The viewers after being made to lie down are covered with hospital sheets their heads strapped to HTC Vive VR Headset. However, the stranger thing is that the machinery in the room is very slightly detectable as the PCs powering the headsets are hidden away. The whole set up overall gives the feel of an asylum and as soon as the viewer slips into the virtual world, he/she is transported to a hospital stretcher in a secluded room where the blood curdling experience begins.

The complete show lasts for a total of 5 minutes taking you through some of the creepiest episodes of the AHS which brings you face to face with some of the most iconic moments from the scariest episodes. The trip is an extremely satisfying one in terms of living through your fears allowing you to experience panic, vertigo, immense fear and a lot of claustrophobia.

The entire horrifying experience was created for the fans to become one with the show before it launches its next season. Thus, combining the elements of human psychology, cutting edge VR-technology and a few tactics the experience was successfully delivered as close to realism as possible in VR at the Comic Con. The season 6 of the show will be premiered on 14th September, 2016.




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