The First Ever Light Field VR Camera- Immerge By Lytro Is Here

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Towards the end of the year 2015 Lytro, a light field Camera company announced their take on Virtual Reality promising the release of a VR camera Immerge which would be designed to capture data through the light field technology and play it back as VR video with VR positional tracking.

Now, the Company has finally introduced a working version of the light field VR Camera and has also presented the first footage captured by the device. Lytro the Company behind the Camera has been working on point and shoot light field Cameras since 2012 and has now decide dto shift its synergy towards the VR market after making it big in the static photo market.

Immerge, the light field camera captures the incoming light from all directions and by analyzing the color of the light as well as its direction of projection, the camera captures data (image) representing a stitch free snippet however unlike the other VR cameras the data captured allows position tracking of the user’s view which can be adjusted in 3D space parallax to the scene and react accordingly.

Thus, the features offer a cutting edge advantage over the regular VR cameras in film capture for critical immersion. Lytro is ready to show off the first ever footage captured by Immerge Vr Camera.

Lytro is all ready to introduce its video and Camera for VR in the third quarter of the year making it big in the VR industry.




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