The Wave lets the DJs Show off their Skills in Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality has yet another super exciting application where it lets DJs drop the beats and show off their music mixing skills to a virtual audience. TheWave created by WaveVR has provided the DJs with an immersive interface allowing them to express themselves through music and creativity.

TheWave is basically a music creation and performance platform where you can effectively mix music in front of as big as you wish live electronic audience from across the world. The application lets you upload your favorite tracks and using the VR 3D interface manipulate and mix music for a grand show in real time.

This is the second VR application along the lines of music after Audioshield that has gained the attention of many VR enthusiasts. However, TheWave also offers a special feature to let you share your creations with the people outside VR over the web. TheWave is all set to release a completely new platform to present people with the best that music has to offer in a creative and unique way using Virtual Reality and all the current hype around it.

TheWave is currently in development stages and will only be showcased at the upcoming SVVR Conference and Expo 2016 which exhibits some of the most innovative and exciting technologies and ideas with those who share the passion for innovation and technology.




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