There’s Still Hope for VR’s Missed Opportunity- ‘Alien: Isolation’

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Alien: Isolation is one of the best Virtual Reality games that never got released. The title was so revered by the Virtual Reality enthusiasts and that is why, one can see the hope for the official release of this game.

It is one of the best video game that is based on the highly popular Alien franchise in the many years.  Alien: Isolation is simple the taut, tense or plainly terrifying in such places. If we talk about the title, then it was warmly received by many critics over its release.  It indicated a return in order to form a franchise which suffered the endless string of sub-par entries of many video games. Virtual Reality enthusiasts don’t seem to be happy anymore.

Former to the game’s release in 2014, Virtual Reality was just a prototype and did not represent the game at that time in developmental phase. With Virtual Reality, the game was really and truly an immersive experience which actually brings the game to the life. They hadn’t really imagined that anything like would have happened to them.  The title just disappeared from Oculus showcase list and the game was launched with the Virtual Reality support.

The problem in support VR was that, it could be uncomfortable as the game wrestles with camera for control and that is definitely is not what gives the VR comfort. On the other hand, there are some people or companies present in the community who passionately feels that this Game should be given one major opportunity for VR format. They have also started a petition so as to urge the SEGA to return to the game and should complete the project as promised. The petition has more than 740 signatures.  Virtual Reality desperately needs a Triple content. If completed in VR, then this would become the key title for Sega.




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